Minecraft 1.7, dubbed “The Update that Changed the World”, was released in 2013 after the point­less 1.6 update. Its changes to terrain demanded a new world or facing sudden, jarring cliffs and oceans as the old meet the new in old worlds.

I did a lot of wander­ing around in this world without much build­ing. At first. A few weeks later, YouTuber Tango Tek released The Iron Foundry. All that Iron blew my mind. I needed it.


I even­tually finished the Iron Foundry myself, and even made a really swanky Minecart system that col­lected the iron and trans­ported it directly to me. I always really enjoyed redstone cir­cuitry and this proved to be a fun chal­lenge!

With that, I wanted to really work on my base. The first obstacle was caves hidden under tall grass. I covered all of them up with a trapdoor and torches indi­cating if it was fully explored or not. The next chal­lenge was, of course, hostile mobs spawning at night. So I naively lit the entire area around my base… and then abso­lute­ly hated it! Enough to quit the world entirely. The end.

This world did not last very long, unlike my 1.4 world (or any of the earlier ones). Probably for the best, as the next update (1.8) broke the Iron Foundry.

Notable Builds