Had an itch to build item farms in Minecraft after seeing some new designs on YouTube in 2018.


Honestly, I did a whole lot of nothing in this world. This was the first time I got mending enchants on my tools, but I used a zombie XP farm that oper­ated at a snail’s pace to repair them. My Nether hub is the only struct­ure I made aes­thet­ic. Even that I never truly finished. The descent down from it is… superb. I really enjoyed building that part. The gold farm at the bottom is kind of cool too, but holy mother of god is it LOUD. I also started removing the sur­round­ing land from the Nether to boost its rate, but became too much of a grind to hold my attention. What I did accom­plish look neat regard­less.

I spent a lot of time at the (single) iron farm a billion meters away from home for the slow, slow trickle of iron it produced. I remember leaving the game over­night several times. Mining the iron man­ually would’ve been much quicker. I also should have taken the effort to make it at home as a passive add­ition of re­sources.

Speaking of home: I couldn’t even muster the creat­ivity to build a storage room! The outline for one was the last thing I did before calling it quits. My name is Ozymandias, king of kings. I created a world that required me to do nothing. And nothing I did.

Notable Builds