In 2015 I was living in Color­ado for a few months with only a Macbook. Minecraft was one of the few games I could play on it. And so I did.

I also wanted to stop making new worlds every time I started playing Minecraft again so I named this one “Final World”. Spoiler: it didn’t work.


I started with the now-widely-standard pro­gres­sion in Minecraft in­clud­ing a beacon for haste II. Around this time you could finally make Nether portals in diff­erent sizes. With that, a gold farm design emerged in the comm­unity. I built one for myself and often left the game running while I slept to collect all of those juicy gold nuggets that equated to five minutes of mining for no work at all. Del­icious.

I also started to build an actual base for once. While my pro­gres­sion was notably better than some of my other worlds, I still could not envision it well enough to actually complete it. You could easily read deeply into this.

Notable Builds