One of the things I’ve felt could be improved over vanilla Morrowind is the segmented bodies and clothes. Bethesda’s reasoning for it is understandable: better performance and easier to create content. However it’s one of the areas that holds up the worst two decades later.

Even as early as 2003 members of the community found this area lacking in Morrowind and created Better Bodies and a plethora of clothing mods for it. These mods, with tremendous effort from many modders, deviated into their own style compatible only with Better Bodies. My goal with Desegmented Clothing is smoothing each article of clothing to fit vanilla bodies with vanilla aesthetic while functioning like Better Clothes does for Better Bodies.


My largest grievance with Better Clothes was how much character every pair of pants lost. I began there with a prototype workflow as a testbed to determine how to perfect the final outcome. In this first trial run I covered most of the common pants.


Morrowind has a lot of clothing. Most of it takes the same base and tweaks small areas here and there. While I made some progress on creating a consistent workflow to minimize the time it takes for each item, I still feel it can be further cut down. This would also help reduce the amount of alterations from the original appearance made.

The second – and much more serious hurdle – is finding a way to combine the various textures seamlessly. I have not been able to make much progress here. Even a simple pair of pants with two or three textures would take me several hours to complete with poor results.


As mentioned, most of the common pants have been done in my trial run. I’ve also done a shirt to test how much work that’d entail (a lot).