The end goal with Griff was to cast the most power­ful spell(s) poss­ible. This re­quired the highest magic skills poss­ible, so be­com­ing a vampire was the ob­vious route to go. It also led to the sec­ond­ary goal of being the frail­est char­acter poss­ible too: 100% Weak­ness to Fire and 100% Weak­ness to Mag­icka, thanks to the com­bina­tion of Altmer race, Appren­tice birth­sign, and vampire (de)buffs.

That was the extent of Griff’s motive. He never joined a faction or com­pleted any work for Caius. I may have had the inten­tion of join­ing the Mages Guild and the Tel­vanni, but I stopped playing after fin­ish­ing the Aundae quests. I vague­ly re­mem­ber getting burnt on grind­ing my stats to 100 before trans­forming (that’s the only way to go above 100). Power­gam­ing isn’t very fun. So Basic­ally, the run ended when I had 140 Will­power, 150 Dest­ruction, and a select­ion of spells that did thou­sands of damage in seconds. Not bad.

All in all, it was a mem­orable play­through. This was the first (and really only) time I played as a vampire and did the quests (for one clan, anyway). I still never did the quest to cure vamp­irism to this day. I also missed-out on running through the Mages Guild and Tel­vanni as a vampire, but I’ve done those two fact­ions count­less times. I really loved mages in this game as a kid.