Over the summer of 2019 with the re­lease of 1.14, var­ious memes, and people playing it again, Minecraft was sudden­ly pop­ular once more. Despite having griev­ances with the stale gameplay, it got to me. I got the itch.

There wasn’t anything specific I wanted to accomp­lish this time, much like the world I played the year before (2018). I spawned on the border between a taiga and a plains biome between two hills. As soon as I did, I knew I wanted to build my base into the hill over­looking the vast plains below.

One minor shtick I employed for this world was a log in a book (on the new pedestal block) every­thing I did. It’s located right at the world spawn for anyone to read… in a single­player world. At least it makes writing this page easier!


July 2019 was standard Minecraft game­play: exploring, getting diamonds, en­chant­ing, etc. I found two villages within a few hundred meters and (ab)used trading with them to get rare enchants like mending. Later, I got diamond tools and armor trades as well.

I had no idea what I wanted to build as always, but 1.14 intro­duced stone slabs. I’ve always hated the look of the default terrain in Minecraft so I util­ized this new block to resur­face the hill of my base to look a little cooler with steeper slopes and a bare stone face all around. To make use of height I made it plateau at differ­ent levels. The end result reminds me of the Hanging Gardens from Tactics Ogre. Mobs won’t spawn on slab so no worries about Creepers falling on your head as an added bonus.

This led me to wanting to make the entire area mob-proof. I still hate the look of torches and the eerie glow at night, so I pro­ceeded to trans­form half the area into a giant farm that will never be fully util­ized. Roads around the base are also slabs and I con­nected the billion “Minecraft puddles” into a water irri­gation system for the farm.

August 2019 con­tinued the land­scaping by trans­forming the taiga border hills into the same style. Flat land, esp­ecial­ly with grass, needed light to prevent hostile mobs from spawning. I did my best to hide it under carpets in bright green grass with leaves and tall grass around it, or under colored grass with leaves on top of that in the taiga biome or areas up against the roads. This led to a messy land­scape full of rocks, “bushes”(leaves), and lots of tall grass. Lawn­mower not included. This works for some areas, but others – like animal pens – can’t be easily decor­ated every five blocks.

That’s most of the world so far. Explor­ing in Minecraft is fun but its all standard Minecraft terrian. The new ship­wrecks are fun. Drowned holding tridents are not. I have gotten a couple beacons and defeated the Ender Dragon. I’ve also built a small map room and dabbled in interior design… however I’m not happy with any of it. I still don’t know what I want the base to look like but I at least have an idea of the layout. I suspect I’ll need to build everything, tear it all down, and rebuild it a million times until I’m sat­isfied. Until it’s neces­sary though I think I’ll do my best to pro­crast­inate by con­tinu­ing to land­scape the empty land around my base instead.

Notable Builds