Minecraft’s lighting is ugly. However, it’s neces­sary to prevent hostile mobs. Peaceful diff­iculty is an option, and so is letting shit spawn every­where to trample your petunias every night. Not really a fan of either. Went instead with terra­forming a moo­shroom island which doesn’t spawn mobs.

As far as the time spent at spawn goes: every­one went bonkers over hardened clay when it came out. I rolled “large biome” worlds until I spawned next to a mesa biome full of it. And that’s how I met your mother.


In the begin­ning I farted-around spawn for a long time. Built the world’s ugliest house. Not even the cute little garden in the backyard could sell this mon­stros­ity. Once I had diamond tools and a beacon I embarked to find a moo­shroom island.

Terra­forming such an island requires leveling mountains and removing all the mycelium. It’s a lot of fucking work, and I had just done the same thing on 2b2t. I felt serious burnout by the end of it (well, tech­nically before then). I switched gears toward building the city at that point, which didn’t go too bad at first, but as I con­tinued it became too much and I called it quits.

Notable Builds